Fitness 22.06.01
Strength training exercises at home
Strength is basically the resistance present in muscles and this resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength, anaerobic endurance and the size of skeletal muscles arrives from strength training. With proper guidance, strength training exercises can be benefited and will show improvements in overall health and wellbeing including increased bone, muscle, ligament strength, tendon and endurance of the muscles and help in improved joint functioning reducing potentials for injury.
3 key benefits of strength training
Physical and mental well being totally depends on the strength one has within. And the benefits one can obtain from strength training at home are:
  • Due to heart attacks or any kind of illness many people die young. Strength training exercises decreases the risk of dying at younger ages.
  • Low metabolism rate in the body can lead to many issues and can prove fatal at times. One should try to maintain a proper metabolic rate in the body and strength training help in the temporary increase of metabolism.
  • Proper training can lower chances of developing serious health issues such as heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetics, breast cancer and other serious conditions.
Why is proper diet important?
When you look and feel good you feel better about yourself emotionally as well. This creates a boost in self-confidence and creates a much healthier self-image. Appropriate diet with proper nutrition are amongst the most important aspects of wellbeing and even strength training. Proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and iron increase the growth of muscles and help in capable functioning of the mind and the body and the intake if taken in right quantity can work wonders for a body. One should eat more of: dairy products, meat, leafy vegetables, and cereals. Drinking a lot of water, citrus juice and even milk provide strength and bring endurance to muscles reducing pain in the movement of the bones and muscles.
Strength training exercises for men and women
  • Strength training for women is different from that of men. While men have hormone called testosterone in their bodies in larger amounts which help their muscles to grow, women also have testosterone, but in lesser quantity and have estrogen to balance their hormones and strength training exercises help them shape their body in different ways.
  • Strength training at home helps in aging gracefully, enhancing muscles and reducing body fat, eventually leading to healthy living.
  • Women feel and look better by making strength training at home a vital part of their daily fitness routine.
  • This particular training strengthens legs and core section leading to increase in overall balance and coordination in the body.
  • Strength training at home would increase the metabolic rate by burning the calories on a daily basis. The more calories one would burn, the more chance of one having reduced body fat.
Basic guidelines for successful strength training exercises
  • Don’t overdo the training, just three times per week as it would lead to wearing of the muscles leading to severe pain
  • Choose 1-2 exercises for small muscle groups like arms, shoulders and 2-3 exercises for large muscle groups like legs, back, and chest
  • Choose no more than 8-10 exercises and work hard on them. Always keep a record of the entire workout