Warranty Registration
Protect your fitness journey by registering with Hercules Fitness

    Why should I register my warranty?
    It’s simple. Registering your warranty helps you by allowing our Customer Service team to quickly view which equipment you own, where you purchased it, where your equipment is located and other important information to provide service to you as efficiently as possible. The faster we find your information, the faster we can send our Authorized Servicers to help you.
    What do you do with my warranty registration?
    After you enter your information, it is saved into a master Warranty database used by our Customer Service team. If you have a Warranty service request, we are able to quickly view your registration and provide service to you more efficiently.
    Do you provide my information to anyone else?
    Hercules Fitness uses your warranty information internally only. We do not, and will not, provide your information to any other party.