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Cardiovascular Exercises at Home
Cardiovascular Exercises at Home
Cardiovascular exercise, also known as ‘Cardio’ is an exercise that involves large muscles such as those of the legs and helps in making the heart and lungs stronger. They do this by allowing the oxygen to get continuously pumped to the muscles for their proper functioning. Cardio has lots of health benefits like shaping your stomach, lowering high blood pressure by burning a lot of calories.
Benefits of a good Cardio
  • Lowering of high blood pressure
Research suggests that by just walking for 20-25 minutes, 3-4 times a week can lower the risk of heart disease and help one to take their high blood pressure at ease as walking relaxes mind and help the heart to beat at right intervals helping in lowering tensions in mind.
  • Increase in the metabolic rate
With the help of regular cardiovascular exercise at home the resting metabolic level will increase, which is a good sign of healthy living. It is one of the ways by which one can even lose weight.
  • Lose those love handles
One of the reasons why cardio exercises are good for a flat belly is that they burn calories in all parts of your body especially the layered fat at the belly. That is what is required to remove the layer of fat on your stomach.
  • Burn the extra calories

One of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise at home is that, it helps in shedding those extra calories, eventually shaping the body by losing weight. Positive results can be noticed sooner if it’s done for longer period of time and consistently with a right mind set.

Types of cardiovascular exercise
Indoor cardiovascular exercise

Indoor exercise is done by using exercise equipment’s like treadmills, elliptical, stair climbers, fitness cycles, rowing machines and ladder climbers. They can be used in gyms under the eyes of a personal trainer or one can also have some of these equipment’s at home as a part of their home gym.

Outdoor cardiovascular exercise
Outdoor exercises can be done by walking for 20-25 minutes for 3-4 days, jogging, bicycling and swimming. Any physical activity is an exercise if done accordingly. Fresh air along with outdoor activities helps in keeping the mind peaceful.
It’s not just about your fat; it’s about your heart too!
Along with fat-burning benefits of anaerobic interval training, more and more studies are showing that cardio training can help in keeping your heart healthy. A sound strategy for maintaining a healthy life is practicing the unique combination of both, anaerobic activity and aerobic activity (for shorter period of time). Cardio exercises are advised to not to be performed for longer duration as it tends to drain out the energy reserves and even the hormonal reserves. It ends up wearing out the body muscles too. Athletes and other sportsman suffer a lot of fatigued muscles due to over exercising and take time to recover from the wear and tear of the muscles if not taken proper precautions.